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We take great pride in knowing that all of our bikinis are environmentally friendly. When Nina Salci was creating this line, her goal was to design timeless pieces that not only made every woman feel confident in her own skin but she also wanted to play her part in making sure our oceans stay clean for generations to come. 

Why choose eco-friendly?

In January of 2018, Bali declared a “garbage emergency” after the islands most popular beaches were overrun with plastic waste. Over 3.5 miles of beach were in an emergency zone unfit for anyone to even be near the area. Workers and volunteers alike collected around 200,000 pounds of garbage each day during the cleanup process which was incredible, but it did not even make a dent in the amount of plastics and other pollutants  still floating off the shores of Bali and it’s surrounding islands. 

Upon hearing and learning about this, Nina Salci, who frequently visits the beautiful island of Bali decided that for all of her collections she will using recycled  materials in her bikinis.

 Plastics are overtaking our beaches not just in Bali, but around the world and we want to take all steps possible towards an eco-friendly future. 

So what exactly makes our fabrics eco-friendly?

All of Carvico  fabrics consist of 100% recycled polyamide yarn and post consumer waste materials (used fisherman nets). Instead of being discarded in a landfill, these materials are recovered, regenerated and transformed into our luxurious eco-friendly fabrics. 

Our patterns are digitally printed, using less water in its production and ensures they do not fade. The fabric we use for all our prints is Repreve made using discarded plastic water bottle and manufactured in the USA. The luxury brand Gucci, has just released a line of merchandise using this same fabric.

Because we use raw recycled materials for our bikinis, it means we are actively and efficiently contributing to preserving nature. 

Our fabrics are soft, have UV protection, excellent breathability, and are twice as resistant to tanning oils and sunscreens.

Our Eco dyes are certified by Oeko Tex which is a standard that test the dyes for harmful substances.

Where are our fabrics from?

 We Source our fabrics from Italy using Carvico and also Repreve made in the USA.  , All of our bikinis are inspected thoroughly before being shipped to ensure each one has the highest possible quality. 

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