What your Bikini Choice says about your Next Vacation

Hey there SevenSeas Babes,

Take this fun short quiz to determine where you should be jetting off to next based on your SevenSeas Swimwear choice: 

What do you love to do most in your spare time?
A. Workout or anything active really
B. Hit the Beach 
C. Netflix and Chill please
D. Hang with friends
When Bikini Shopping, I look for…
A. Support, Support, Support 
B. No tan lines 
C. Elegant and Comfortable
D. Fun and Cheeky

Describe your fashion style 
A. Sporty Chic
B. The Boho gal
C. Casual Minimalist 
D. Girly n Flirty
Pick a drink, any drink!
A. White Claw/Truly (the less calories the better)
B. Mojito
C.  Wine 
D.  Margarita

If you could describe yourself in one word…
A.  Adventurous 
B. Confident/Independent 
C. Go-with-the-flow
D. Sociable 
If you were to go on a quick getaway for the weekend, where would you stay?
A. Glamping sounds so fun 
B. Hostel - I’d rather spend my money elsewhere on my trip
C. Hotel 
D. Airbnb



Mostly A’s : THE SPORTY GAL 
For the girl on the go. For the adventurer. For the bold and daring. For the one who doesn’t want to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. These Bikinis are for YOU.
You and your cute, supportive bikini are heading to….. HAWAII! 
The Sporty Gal’s dream destination. Hike to the top of the volcanos and get a birds eye view or  stay down below and surf the waves at the beach. There’s never a dull moment traveling with a girl like you. And you can guarantee that your SevenSeas bikini will always fit like a second skin. Who has the time to worry about your bikini scratching, shifting or digging in? Not us Sporty Gals, we're too busy having FUN exploring.



For the independent girl who is 100% confident in her own skin and is never afraid to be alone. You can find her in our No tan Lines Monaco Bikini exploring (even solo, cuz yolo) the world’s best beaches. The Ultimate Beach Babe is perfectly bronzed, with drink in hand and enjoying life to the absolute fullest. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem.
Next Stop: BORA BORA 
In Bora Bora, she is completely in her element. Tan all day on some of the softest sand beaches in the world, jet ski from island to island or go for a quick snorkel in the crystal clear Oceans. She can and she will do it all. There’s nothing stopping her from ever leaving! And she’s totally okay with that.



Pack your bags and throw in your Riviera One-Pieces because you’re heading to….
But not JUST Turks and Caicos, you’re heading to a 5 star resort with lavish pools, delicious food, and breathtaking sunsets from the comfort of your private balcony. Ditch the outside world because this trip is all about you. Self love, you deserve it. Really. Spoil yourself. The Sophisticated Minimalist sure does knows how to take a relaxing vacation to the next level. You can find us chillin poolside in our luxurious, figure hugging one-pieces while enjoying a glass of Rosé. (It’s the little things in


All eyes on these beautiful girls! They’re the life of the party. The Fun-loving girly girl is always down to be spontaneous and meet new people. She lives for great conversation, candid moments and our Positano Bikini.

So round up your girl gang because you’re going to dance the night away in….. MYKONOS!  
And the best part? You never have to change out of your Bikini. 
Whip out the cameras and show off you and your girls matching, flirty Positano bikinis (because this style fits all body types) while island hopping on a private boat tour. Pics or it didn’t happen. Obviously. Follow up with the ultimate GNO… do we hear margarita pitchers?? 

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