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Q: How long do you take to ship?

A: We usually FREE USA ship on the same day, (for orders received on weekends, we ship on Monday)  All orders are shipped from the Miami area. Domestic usually takes up to 4 business days to arrive. Customers may choose to express ship at their cost.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do, please be aware that some countries will impose a customs duty, SevenSeas is not responsible for any customs duties imposed by your country.

Q: What makes your bikinis sustainable?

A: Our fabric is manufactured in Italy using regenerated, recycled polyamide nylon. Using this fabric we are able to reduce our environmental impact and global warming by up to 80% compared to nylon made with oil, avoiding C02 Omissions.. We also use Repreve made in the USA using recycled materials including plastic bottles. All the prints are digital using less water in the manufacturing process. All our dyes are Eco-Friendly.) Our suits are NOT fast fashion, they are high quality designed for many seasons of wear and can be recycled again.

Q: Are your tops padded?

A: No, currently we have not found an eco alternative to padding, we also love the natural style. 

Q: What is a seamless bikini?

A: There is no visible stitching on the edges of your suits. The result is a luxurious suit with a very sleek/comfortable fit without any digging in.

Q: Do you buy suits from wholesalers?

A: No, we design each suit by collection. They are handsewn individually by a team of skilled artisans with ethical working conditions. They are manufactured specifically for us, to our specifications and are branded with our logo. Once our suits sell out, they are usually not restocked as it is approximately a 4 month process from fabric ordering to finished product.  We like to stay ahead of the trends by offering new styles/colors with each collection. Our suits are high quality, they will continue to look amazing for many seasons, they are designed to last. 

Q: What sizes do you offer?

A: Please refer to our size guide at the bottom of the page. Basic sizes are S,M,L & XL. Some suits due to the compression on the fabric will fit smaller, (XS) and some due the stretch will fit larger. (XL) Please see the description on each piece for guidance.

Q: How do I wash them?

A: It is best to treat your suits like fine lingerie, hand wash in cold water and flat dry. This will make your suit last for many seasons.

Q: Do you have a physical location?

A: Not at this time,  In order to keep costs down and pass those savings onto our girls, we sell online and around South Florida where we often do 'Pop up' shops. We are also working on a location in the Downtown Toronto area for summer, depending on the Covid 19 situation. Please follow on our insta for updates.

Additional questions?

Please send us an email we will respond as soon as possible.